Friday, October 28, 2011

Ma's & Pa's B-Days!

FOUR! T-three. 

I made dad !2! birthday cakes this year! His favorite German chocolate(that was sadly eaten before we got the camera out) and a super golf cake!

My Dad's birthday cake!! BOOYAKAH!!!

I designed his golf cake on paper, then BOOM! It came out just as I pictured!
For his cake I used home-made buttercream frostin', baked a chocolate cake, and brown-sugar for the sand pit.

He loved it. We had friends over the night after his birthday, and they loved it too!

Mom's birthday party was a surprise-family-day at home! We woke up early to decorate! I made breakfast and also made a delicious pineapple-up-side-down cake(Ma's favorite)!!!

The "Sparkler" candles did NOT blow out easy and didn't do what I had expected them to... the cake was still great though.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lillianne's Birthday Party

So on my sister Lilli's Birthday, she asked me to make her a cake, and choo know me, I would do anything for Familia. So the night before her birthday, I made the cake part so I could decorate it on her birthday. Choo know what? I made it a checkered cake with pink and white on the inside, so when choo cut into it, it looks like a pink and white checker board! Pretty cool right? On her birthday, we celebrated by opening presents and going to one of her favorite childhood places... The Witte Museum! She loved it. Later, we went to San Antonio's High End Specialty restaurant: Bill Miller's BBQ. <3 that place! :) We finished the celebration with Ice Cream @ Baskin Robins-- it was great! But what about the cake? So right when we got home, I went to work. I did the fondant, piping, and designs. Then my Ma and sisters came over, and we all thought there was something missing. Then Ma said, "Whattah 'bout Flowers?!" and my sisters were like "YEAH, YEAH," so we all went to the kitchen and made fondant roses, and choo know what ... it wasn't that bad-- not perfect, but not bad! In the end it looked GREAT! That's how CHOO bake a BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

We're on a "ROLL"

Hey everybody!!! So today I'm making PIZZA--homestyle baby!-- and it's an ol' family recipe, so choo know it'll taste great. So while we (my Familia) were making the dough, we thought to make a little extra so we could have homestyle rolls-- and they were HUGE!!! Like the size of a football, I mean BIG! But before we were able to bake anything, the dough had to rise, so me and Gramma got out ALL the stuff to go on the pizzas. I mean, we had it all from  Mushrooms to Olives, Sauces and Cheese and all kinds of Meat!!! Now my family likes veggies on their pizzas, but for me, I like the meatlovers-- OH it was awesome!!! Choo just can't beat the taste of homemade Pizza!!! BOOYAKA!

The Pizza and the add ons 


Gramma loves to help clean up :)
The finished products!
yummy pizza and rolls

My sister compared to the ROLL

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boo-ya-kah Brownies!

 I'm at gramma's house and was a little bored and I wanted to make a dessert. So I went looking through one of my cake decorating books, saw a picture, and then I had an idea of what dessert I wanted to do...
Fudge Brownie Mini Cakes. 
My familia loves snacks and chocolatte, so I thought "Hey there's a box of brownie mix in the cabinet, so why don't I make mini brownie cakes...  I also got work on my, "not-so-good" piping skills along the way. 
It only took about 10-11 minutes to decorate the already made brownies 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mothers Day!

Today on BakeBoss...

Sorry this is a late post, but HEY, I've been busy... making cakes. But anywho, it was Mothers Day, and one of my Ma's favorite things in the world is Blue Willow and tea, so I decided, "Hey! Mush those two together and botta-bing-botta-boom! you got a blue willow teacup!"

So I used vanilla cake and out it in a glass mixin' bowl, then I put it in the oven. When it came out it was just like a teapot! I even had enough over the top to make a saucer!    

Then I covered it in vanilla frostin' and covered THAT with fondant. Then I took some blue food dye in a paintbrush/pen and made some pretty designs. It looked great! So I did some more designs on the saucer, added the handle, and BOOM! It was awesome. But there was still something missing...

Then it hit me. It was as if a little bird told me. TEA! It's a teacup so it needs some tea, eh? So we used some meltable chocolate and caramel, then put it in the microwave, then to the cup! It looked just like tea! Then my Ma added the finishing touch of cream. It looked great! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

BOTTABOOM- Skillet Fudge Turtle Cake!

So Ma told me, "We gonna have people ovah, and I wan' CHOU to make a dessert!" So I'm like, "What am I gonna dos?!" So I was flippin' through page after page of recipe books, and then BOOM! It hit me. A skillet fudge turtle cake! Cuz I'm like, "Who doesn't like a fudge/chocolate/caramel cake?!" So the recipe called for a chocolate cake box mix, meltable chocolatte, caramel, and chopped pecans. And I'm like, "I have all those things!" It'll taste great. Ma tol' me a family secret about when yer using cake mix, and, boy, was she right! Ya use a little bit a' bottabing-bottaboom, and it's all moist and fluffy. But I ain't gonna tell yous- you gotta figure DAT out on yer own. So I finished the cake, and it not only looked great, it TASTED great! The way a cake should be. And ya know what, everybody loved it, and ate the ENTIRE THING that night! THAT'S how ya make a Skillet Fudge Turtle Cake! WHOO!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011